Bus Manufacturing



    Omnibus Services manufactures bus bodies for the Western Australian bus industry. They are known throughout WA as TOST (The Omnibus Services Trust). The TOST/ body are recognized for its strength, quality of workmanship and proven record spanning over 53 years in business and 43 years in manufacturing.
    The reputation TOST has built over these years comes through our recognizing the importance of accepting advice from customers in the early years of development and implementing their advice which gave us a unique understanding to build a bus body that suited the needs of the customer and suited the environment which the bus was to operate in over many years.
    When purchasing a TOST/Omnibus body you will have peace of mind that repairs, parts and warranty issues that may arise will be dealt with directly by the manufacturer here in Western Australia.
    TOST bodies are manufactured to suit all types of chassis including Volvo, Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco and Hino. Ranging from 35 to 59 seats.